A Ball and A Wall

My name is Jack. I am 9 years old and I love to play soccer. My favorite player is Lionel Messi. When I grow up I want to be a professional soccer player.

This Winter, I started a project where I record myself playing soccer - with just a ball and a wall. Don't get me wrong, I love to play soccer with my friends, my family, and with my soccer club, but I also love to just find a wall and knock the ball around. I can find a wall anywhere - inside a gym, the side of a building, even the bottom of my couch!

By using just a ball and a wall, I can pretty much play soccer anywhere and practice pretty much every technical part of soccer - passing, receiving, shooting, etc. The wall gives me instant feedback and really helps me with my touch.

A Ball and A Wall Project

I've posted some videos of me using various walls. I hope I can encourage others to take out their ball, find a wall, and enjoy the beautiful game of soccer!

Week 1

This is me at the YWCA using the wall on a basketball court.

Week 2

This is me in my living room using my couch as a wall! It's been really cold and snowy. The couch and a size one ball makes me really concentrate because the space is tight, the ball is smaller, and it comes off the couch different almost everytime.

Week 3

This is me in my garage. I'm pretty lucky to have a garage that I can use. There is a foot of snow outside!

Week 4

This is me back at the YWCA. I spent about 90 minutes inside the racketball court. It is a great place to play soccer! I don't work on finishing too often, but did spend a little time at the end bringing the ball out of the air and getting my shot off. By looking at the video I noticed sometimes I was taking an extra touch or two before getting my shot off. Next time I do this I would like to try to use one touch to bring the ball down and the next touch as my shot!

Week 5

The wind was blowing up to 30 mph today, so this is me back at the YWCA again! I spent about 2 hours inside the racketball court. I spent a lot of time just knocking the ball around. I did focus on a few things that you will see in the video like one touch passing with both feet. I tried to keep a consistent pace and stay within a specific area. I did probably 10 sets of 25 passes with each foot. I also worked on trying to get the ball up in the air on the wall and use the inside of my feet to keep it up. Although it doesn't involve a wall, I usually juggle some each day. Today I worked on alternating feet like 1, 1; 2, 2; 3, 3; 4, 4, etc. I got up to 13 on each foot.

Week 6

I was supposed to have my first match of the Spring, but it was cancelled because the fields are in bad shape. So, I was back at the YWCA again! I spent about 2 hours inside the racketball court. I really try to use both my left and right foot the same amount of time - I'm pretty comfortable using either foot and by practicing equally, I don't have to favor my left foot if my right foot is what I should be using.

Week 7

I finally got outside. There is a school near me that has a great brick wall and a blacktop. I spent a long time using a specific brick as my target and just passing the ball at the target with both feet. I also spent a lot of time trying to drive the ball with distance to the same brick - I used both feet for this as well. The great thing about using a wall is each pass or shot into the wall turns into me working on receiving the ball too!

Juggle Journal

Last year, I had a different project where I juggled for at least 15 minutes a day and tracked my highest number of juggles in a row each day. I reached over 2,200 juggles in a row with my feet!. Take a look at my Juggle Journal.


If you have any questions, please email my dad.